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Volume 8 - Year 2007
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1. Corrrect but don't judge
2. Have you now got the message?
3. Look at the face not the mask!
4. Can you separate God from State?
5. To obey God could make one look crazy!
6. A false prophet is an identity thief!
7. To be ungrateful is to squander God's grace!
8. Don't trash your inheritance!
9. A hopeless case or a lost cause?
10. Is sin a civil or an evil right?
11. Are you sensitive to others' feelings?
12. Can you truly forgive and forget?
13. So you are a success?
14. A proud person is Satan incarnate!
15. Shepherding an unruly flock
16. When God's integrity is at stake
17. It is not over until it is over!
18. God owns your church!
19. Bad food or bad taste?
20. Are all who dream dreamers?
21. Let your faith do the talking!
23. Are you functionally literate?