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Volume 5 - Year 2004
1. Age Is No Excuse
2. Self-Inflicted Defeat
3. Prime Estate On Earth or A Mansion In Heaven?
4. Your Kindness Insulted
5. Invite God Into Your Worship
6. Let Us Pray
7. Called by God's Name
8. A Weakling as a Dangerous Opponent
9. God's Plan
10. Focus On Your Purpose
11. Your Sunday Service
12. A Bride for the King
13. Such a Time as This
14. Satan has Your Number
15. Consoling the Distressed
16. From Hardship to Headship
17. The Company You Keep
18. Jesus in the Psalms
19. S.O.S. to Heaven
20. God Never Forsakes the Righteous
21. Property or Prosperity
22. God's Word as Your Lamp and Light
23. Make God Your Watchman
24. Let's Go To Church
25. What if God was Not on Our Side?
26. My Mouth is filled with Laughter
27. A House is not a Home
28. Dwelling Together in Unity
29. A Leaking Mouth
30. Praising is more than Entertainment
31. Father or Sperm-Donor?
32. Highly Educated but Foolish
33. Adultery is a Killer not a Thriller!
34. Giving adds to your Wealth