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Volume 14- Year 2013
Your Online Christian Snack Bar!
1. Sinning Is Man's Default Mode!
2. Are You Truly A Person Of Faith?
3. The Building Blocks Of Faith
4. Get Hooked On Righteousness!
5. God Has No Grandchildren!
6. All Things Work Together For Whose Good?
7. Giving Up is Not An Option!
8. A Right Is Only A Privilege!
9. Faith Comes By Hearing- And Listening!
10. Never Give Up On Anybody!
11. God Is Good But Also Severe!
12. Make Your Body A Living Sacrifice To God
13. Governing Authorities Owe Their Honour To God!
14. Put On Christ Not A Cross!
15. The Kingdom Of God Is Not For Gluttons!
16. Be Responsible Not A Responsibility
17. Learn To Work With Others
18. Be A Follower Of Christ Not Of Your Church
19. Ordinary Yet Perplexing
20. Only God Can Teach You About Himself!
21. Your Success Is Measured By God
22. Dealing With Sexual Immorality In God's House
23. Is Your Marriage An Ordeal Or An Ideal?
24. Lead By Example Not By Exemption
25. Cross The Finishing Line!
26. Identity Is More Than A Name
27. A Gift Is Given Not Taken!
28. Love Is A No-Limit Credit Card!
29. Rapture Is More Risky Than Death!
30. You May Be The Only Bible Others Read!
31. Suffering And Smiling!